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Absolutely No Money Down!

We Love Helping Buyers Buy Homes with Zero Down

  • We help you apply for all Down Payment Assistant Programs.
  • If you qualify it’s free money!
  • If you don’t qualify, we can still get you in a home with little down!

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Take Advantage of the Zero Down Program:

  • The Zero Down program is a government grant where they give you up to 5% of the purchase price of the home for the down payment.
  • The down payment is only 3.5% so you will have extra money that will go to your closing costs.
  • Then we negotiate with the seller of the home to try and cover your closing costs so we can eliminate your out of pocket money.

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Your Realtor® Behind the Scenes

1) Listens to Your Needs and Finds Opportunities to Match

  • Determines whether you need to sign any contracts or agreements in order to work together
  • Starts a file that details your requests, preferences, concerns, and expectations

2) Gives You an Overview of the Market

  • Offers insight into the real estate market, both locally and nationally
  • Informs you of the sold price for similar properties
  • Helps you identify the reasons for home price variations—e.g. “homes located within a specific school district or proximity to public transit go for a premium over others”
  • Shares details about neighborhood amenities, traffic statistics, and more (in compliance with the Fair Housing Act, and other federal and state laws)
  • Sends updates based off housing, finance, and economic reports, and much more

3) Searches Far and Wide for the Right Property

  • Finds property listings that match your needs by scanning the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), driving through neighborhoods, looking at classifieds, soliciting home owners, and contacting other real estate professionals
  • Sets up appointments, researches listings, confirms appointments, follows up on opportunities, obtains lockbox codes
  • Drives you to appointments and informs you of opportunities
  • Guides you towards experts who can help identify property land use codes, deed restrictions and zoning requirements
  • Compiles research on listings
  • Maintains a record of your meetings and listing reviews

4) Helps You Place a Competitive Offer

  • Informs you of the sold price for similar opportunities
  • Recommends experts to help you ensure inspections and disclosures are in order
  • Assists you with determining the property’s fixtures versus real property (i.e. what stays with the property and what goes with the seller)
  • Guides you in negotiating a competitive offer and determining whether a counter-offer is warranted
  • Assists you with negotiating the terms of the contract
  • Guides you to experts for help with reviewing the terms of any neighborhood or home owner’s association covenants

5) Makes Sure the Contracts Are in Order

  • Verifies tax, utility, and home owner’s assessments
  • Helps obtain property inspection reports and necessary disclosures
  • Ensures that the seller completes property disclosure documentation
  • Assists you in pursuing title clearance and ensuring the property is in good standing
  • Ensure contracts follow the signing and approval process

6) Connects You to the Resources You Need to Settle in to Your New Home

  • Helps you identify and connect to neighborhood amenities
  • Reminds you to pull together paperwork, warranties, and set up utilities bills
  • Reminds you to keep closing documents in a safe off-site location